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Over the years, we have had the pleasure of working on amazing projects with various companies. Launch products for the Hanko Wine, Posankka Weekend Bags, Kirami Experience sauna bags, and Jungle Juice Bar cooler bags are just a few examples of the great projects we have been involved in over the years.


Our latest collaboration project involved designing a product in partnership with Dimex, tailored to seamlessly fit both professional and leisure purposes.

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Visiting companies

Our company has had the fantastic opportunity to visit numerous fascinating businesses. These visits have allowed us to delve deeper into understanding operations across various industries and gather invaluable insights.

Inspired by these experiences, we've decided to share our journey with you through the creation of the 'PURYE vierailee' mini-series (in Finnish). In this series, we'll unveil the stories and learnings behind our exciting business visits. Our aim is to bring to light the intriguing details and unique moments that have inspired us along the way.

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We joined forces with Haklift Oy and started producing products that utilize their leftover materials from cargo straps.

In PURYE x Haklift products, we have incorporated Haklift's leftover materials from cargo straps for various purposes. In addition to cargo straps, we have selected either recycled or surplus fabrics for our materials.

  • Hygge-Bag (Fabric)

    This unique bag is crafted from surplus welding suits, making it not only an eco-friendly but also a durable choice. The bag's bottom is reinforced with surplus faux leather, ensuring its durability and longevity. The bag's shoulder strap is made from leftover materials from cargo straps.

  • Column

    Discover the new definition of sustainability. Our belts not only promise durability but also demonstrate it in practice. From our selection, you'll find belts crafted from carefully chosen surplus materials from cargo straps, offering not just durability but also ecological responsibility

  • Toilet bag (Faux leather)

    An environmentally sustainable choice for adventurers. Crafted from durable surplus faux leather that not only withstands sun, moisture, and fire but also turns heads on the beach! The bag's shoulder strap is made from surplus materials sourced from cargo straps.

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Projects from the past

Here are just a few examples of what we can come up with together with businesses!



We take pride in having had the opportunity to create several custom sail bags for Meyer tailored to their specific needs. Our most recent project involved producing tote-bags for them, showcasing the company's unique logo.



Together with Alvar Gullichsen and Posanka, we crafted a batch of weekend bags from recycled sails. These bags were embroidered with Turku's official city animal, Posankka. The products were showcased at the "Posankka" pop-up store in the center of Turku, where they sold out in no time.

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We had the opportunity to collaborate with WB-Sails in designing our own toiletry bag model. Our products utilize WB-Sails' old sail fabrics as well as other fabrics from the workshop. These unique collaborative products are available for purchase both in our online store and at WB-Sails' retail outlet.

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Want us to visit you?

We are constantly seeking new partners who wish to share their stories and provide us with an opportunity to learn more about their business. Would your company be interested in being our next destination for a visit?

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