Now you can add your own logo on our products as well! Over the years, we have embroidered logos of e.g. sailboats, summer cottages and pets. Use your imagination!

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    Send us a picture or tell us about your idea. Try to give us as detailed description as possible. Is it a single or multi-colored logo? (e.g. just outlines or filled-in logo?) Max size for our embroidered logos are 7x7cm.


    We listen to your requests and provide a price estimate for creating the logo. The price depends on the amount of work required (e.g. number of details & colors) and will be added to the product's regular price.


    We will begin the final production of the product, once we have reached an agreement with the customer. The delivery time for a customized bag is approximately 2-3 weeks.

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Tell us about your idea!